Themed Visits

Monthly themed visits which are free for holders of our Cultural Passport. Please note that places are limited and reservations are mandatory at our stores in the Jesuits' College or at La Vie Shopping Center.

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Palace of the Regional Government of Madeira

Historian Rui Carita guides the visit to the palace, built at the end of the 17th century. Home of incalculable patrimonial and architectural value, the building formerly belonged to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Funchal (charity). The altarpiece was removed from the main altar that belonged to the chapel of Santa Isabel to be placed in the Church of Boa Nova.

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    Zarco's Statue


Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum

From Funchal to Paris, the modernist Franco astounded the world in 1920. Henrique, influenced by Manet, painted and embraced the decorative arts. Francisco, inspired by Rodin, sculpted in the chaple of Incarnation in Funchal. They both created outstanding works and studies, some of them left ruined in this museum.

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    Bookstore Interior


Foundation of the bookshop Esperança

In 1886, Jacinto Figueira de Sousa founded Esperança below Travessa do Forno. In 1973, she occupied the current Noble Palace of the family of the 1st Count of Carvalhal and the canteen of the British officials in 1807. The entrance uses the doors from the ancient college barracks. With over 100.000 titles in stock it is one of the biggest bookshops in the world, and clearly the biggest in Portugal.

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    North Shore


Path Ponta de São Lourenço

When Zarco arrived on Madeira in 1420, he named the first lands he beheld after his ship - São Lourenço. In this rough part of the island, the trade winds forces the vegetation to have a lot of shrubs and low-rise plants. This is a living space for snails, insects and seabirds to nest. There is a great variety of rocks, including ensembles of rock and fossils that call back to prehistoric times.

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Church of Saint James the Less

In 1523, Saint James the Less was chosen as the patron saint of Funchal. Later, the City Hall built a chapel in the East dedicated to him, which would later be transformed into a Church. When the flood of 1803 destroyed the Church of the Pebbles, the current parish Church , the City Hall made the Church of Saint Jmes the Less the new parish Church.

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Belmond Reid's Palace Hotel

It is almost a tradition of the Students' Union to finish the year with topical visits to some of the island's most ancient and elegant places, such as the Belmond Reid's hotel. Get to know the story of the hotel and its owners, and see the beautiful interiors and gardens. Discover which famous people used to reside here and those that still do, far away from the spotlight.

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